Kingston KVR1066D3N7/4G 4GB PC3-8500U 1066MHz 240pin DIMM Desktop Non-ECC DDR3 Memory Full Technical Specs, Benchmarks and Reviews
[Kingston KVR1066D3N7/4G 4GB PC3-8500U 1066MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs]


The 3GB Kit was fine in my system until I upgraded to Win7 after which it needed more memory. I woul
by Amy D
I cannot fault this memory, although I would say if you are thinking of it and your motherboard is f
by MArk Williams
I bought a system from a local PC Shop and it has 3 of these in it, one went faulty in the first mon
by Sandra Best
I have had these for a couple of years now and they have never given me any trouble. I use the 8GB K
by Craig S
We were able to test the KVR1066D3N7/4G with both an AMD and Intel CPU setup on ASUS motherboards. T
by electrobyt
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