Elixir M2N2GT64TU88B4U-37B 2GB PC2-4200 533MHz 200pin Laptop / Notebook Non-ECC SODIMM CL4 1.8V DDR2 Memory Full Technical Specs and Reviews

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Manufacturer Elixir
Part Number M2N2GT64TU88B4U-37B
Range -
Type 200 pin Laptop / Notebook DDR2 SODIMM
Capacity 2GB
Configuration Single 2GB Memory Module
Channel Configuration Single Channel
Performance Profile -
Overclocking -
Speed 533MHz, PC2-4200
Timings CL4 @ 533MHz
Buffering None, Unbuffered
Error Detection None, Non-ECC
Pin / Connector Material Gold
Voltage 1.80V
Heatsinks None
Lighting No

For Use In
AMD CPU Desktop/Tower PC No
Intel CPU Desktop/Tower PC No
AMD CPU Laptop Yes
Intel CPU Laptop Yes
AMD CPU Server No
Intel CPU Server No

Manufacturer : Elixir
Elixir is a branch of the Nanya Technology Corporation and manufactures and distributes memory modules for computing. They were founded in late 2001 and with the backing of Nanya quickly gained a foothold in the DRAM Retail Industry. They are best known for their ranges of Laptop and Desktop Computer Memory

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  • Manufacturer: Elixir

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