AMD Socket FM2 A8-6500 A8-Series Processor AD6500OKA44HL / AD6500OKHLBOX APU / CPU Full Technical Specs and Reviews

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Manufacturer : AMD
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are a Processor Design and Manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors but also supply Mobile and Server Processors. The latter being primarily for cloud computing and virtualization environments. AMD devices are used everywhere from the smallest PC to state of the art Super Computers. Their purchase of ATI in 2006 has led to AMD developing CPU's that not only do normal processing functions but also graphics processing functions within a single chip.

Processor Details
Processor Type AMD A8
Model Number A8-6500
OEM Part Number AD6500OKA44HL
Retail Boxed Part Number AD6500OKHLBOX
Motherboard Socket FM2
CPU Package 904 pin micro PGA
For Use In Desktop/Tower PC

Data Width 32 Bit Yes
Data Width 64 Bit Yes
Actual Speed (MHz) 3500
Boost Speed (MHz) 4100
CPU Build Type AMD Bulldozer (Piledriver)
CPU Core Richland
Number of Cores 4
Number of Threads 4
Core Revision Number RL-A1
Max Supported CPU's 1

Cache Sizes
L1 Cache Size (KB) 64KB instruction caches
16KB data caches
L1 Cache Quantity 2 x instruction caches
4 x data caches
L2 Cache Size (KB) 2048
L2 Cache Quantity 2
L3 Cache Size (KB) -

Operating Voltage 0.975-1.225V
Max Operating Temp (C) 71.3C
Power Consumption 65W
Cool'n'Quiet Version 3.0

Detailed CPU Features
SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) Yes
SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) Yes
SSE3 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 3) Yes
SSSE3 (Suplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3) Yes
SSE4, 4.1 and 4.2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 4) Yes
SSE4a (Streaming SIMD Extensions 4a) Yes
MMX Technology Yes
3DNow! -
AMD64 Technology Yes
Enhanced Virus Protection Yes
Virtualization Technology Yes
Advanced Bit Manipulation Yes
DDR2 Memory Controller -
DDR3 Memory Controller Yes
HyperTransport Technology -
Turbo Core Technology Yes version 3.0
Advanced Vector Extensions Yes
AES Instructions Yes
CLMUL Instruction set Yes
XOP Instruction set Yes
FMA3 / FMA4 Instruction set Yes
CVT16 Instruction set Yes

Integrated Graphics
Graphics Part Number HD 8570D
Frequency 800 MHz
Boost Clock 868 MHz
Shaders 256
TMU's 16
ROP's 8
Compute Units 4
Pixel Rate 6.40 GPixel/s
Texture Rate 12.8 GTexel/s
Floating Point Performance 409.6 GFLOPS
Pixel Shader Version 5.0
HD Graphics Controller Yes
HD Media Accelerator Yes
Blue-ray 3D Yes
AMD Stream Yes
Max Shared Memory 1024MB ?
Memory Speed 933MHz
Memory Bandwidth 29.9GB/sec
Memory Bus 128 bit
Crossfire Ready Yes, with a dedicated AMD/Radeon HD Graphics Card
PCI-Express Version 2.0
Direct X Version DX 11
Open GL Version 4.1
Open CL Version 1.2
UVD Version 3
Maximum Resolution 2560x1600

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