AMD AM3 Athlon II 160u Processor AD160UEAK13GQ CPU - Discount Prices, Technical Specs and Reviews

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  • Manufactured by: AMD
Warranty : 12 Months

The AMD AD160UEAK13GQ CPU is the earliest release in the AM3 range, it has an in built DDR2/DDR3 memory controller so can be used on AM2+ motherboards as well as AM3.  It is one of the few that AMD released as an OEM part only and has no Retail Boxed version.  It is one of the Ultra Low Power Range of CPU's using only 20 Watts of power, but retains all the common characteristics associated with the AM3 family of processors.  Utilising both 32 bit and 64 bit instruction sets allows it to run either 32 or 64 bit operating systems with ease.

Manufacturer : AMD
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are a Processor Design and Manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors but also supply Mobile and Server Processors.  The latter being primarily for cloud computing and virtualization environments.  AMD devices are used everywhere from the smallest PC to state of the art Super Computers.  Their purchase of ATI in 2006 has led to AMD developing CPU's that not only do normal processing functions but also graphics processing functions within a single chip.

Processor Details
Processor Type AMD Athlon II 
Model Number 160u 
OEM Part Number AD160UEAK13GQ  
Retail Boxed Part Number 
Motherboard Socket AM3 
CPU Package 938 pin micro PGA 

Data Width 32 Bit  Yes
Data Width 64 Bit Yes 
Actual Speed (MHz) 1800 
Boost Speed (MHz) 
CPU Build TypeAMD K10 
CPU Core  Sargas
Number of Cores 1
Core Revision Number C2
Max Supported CPU's 1

Cache Size
L1 Cache Size (KB) 128
L1 Cache Quantity 
L2 Cache Size (KB)1024 
L2 Cache Quantity
L3 Cache Size (KB)

Operating Voltage 0.875-1.225V 
Max Operating Temp (C)80C
Power Consumption20W
Cool'n'Quiet Version3.0 

CPU Features
SSE  Yes
SSE2 Yes 
MMX technology Yes 
AMD64 technologyYes 
Enhanced Virus ProtectionYes 
Virtualization TechnologyYes
Advanced Bit ManipulationYes

Part Numbers
AD160UEAK13GM160u, 1800MHz, 1MB L2 Cache
AD160UEAK13GQ160u, 1800MHz, 1MB L2 Cache
AD170UEAK13GM170u, 2000MHz, 1MB L2 Cache
AD250USCK23GQ250u, Dual Core 1600MHz, 2MB L2 Cache
AD260USCK23GM260u, Dual Core 1800MHz, 1MB L2 Cache
AD260USCK23GQ260u, Dual Core 1800MHz, 2MB L2 Cache
AD270USCK23GM270u, Dual Core 2000MHz, 1MB L2 Cache

For Use In
Desktop/Tower PCYes

Cosmetics 55/100
Boot Time62/100
Multi Tasking 60/100
Gaming 60/100
Saturation 58/100
Final Score 59/100
  • Model: AMD AM3 Athlon II 160u Processor AD160UEAK13GQ CPU Full Technical Specs

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