Corsair Dominator CMP24GX3M6A1333C9 24GB (6 X 4GB Kit) with DHX Pro Connector and Airflow II Fan PC3-10600 240pin DIMM Desktop Non-ECC DDR3 Memory Full Technical Specs, Reviews and Benchmarks

Corsair Dominator CMP24GX3M6A1333C9 is a 6 x 4GB Triple Channel Kit and is aimed at the high end self build enthusiasts and Gamers. This part was designed for use specifically with Intel Triple Channel Platforms and comes complete with DHX Pro Connectors, Black DHX Heatsinks and the Airflow II Fan system. It also utilises Corsairs XMP Performance Profile. 

Manufacturer : Corsair
Corsair are a computer products design and manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of mid to high end Computer Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives. They also produce Power Supplies, USB Flash Drives and CPU and Memory Cooling products, their products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warranty.

Format DDR3
Speed PC3-10600
Bus Clock1333MHz
Memory TimingsCL 9 (9-9-9-24)
Form Factor240 pin
Error CorrectionNone (Non ECC Unbuffered)
Series Dominator
Memory ConfigurationTriple Channel
Heat SpreaderYes, Black heat sinks with DHX Technology
Heat FanYes, Airflow II Fan

Part Numbers in this Range
CMD8GX3M4A1333C78GB (4 x 2GB Kit) Dual Channel
CMP8GX3M4A1333C98GB (4 x 2GB Kit) Dual Channel
CMP16GX3M4A1333C916GB (4 x 4GB Kit) Dual Channel
CMP24GX3M6A1333C924GB (6 x 4GB Kit) Triple Channel

For Use In
Desktop/Tower PC Yes, Guaranteed to work on all triple channel Intel platforms
ServerSome server motherboards will support this memory although ECC is preferred

Cosmetics 95/100
Boot Time91/100
Multi Tasking 95/100
Gaming 95/100
Saturation 92/100
Final Score 93.6/100

Our Review
It has a little slower memory timings than some of the other Dominator types but still it out performs standard DDR3 memory quite impressively.  If you use a windowed case and can see the memory installed this memory is definately worth it.  It has been designed to look as impressive as is performs and with the large heatsinks and the Airflow II Fan Kit it stays even cooler when gaming.

Other Reviews
Justin Rhodes Astounding, even enough memory to stop Windows 7 eating it all.  Seriously though it is top draw, and having tried it myself I can see why it gets high benchmarks.  The Airflow fans are a bonus, and not only are they effective at keeping the memory cool but they look good too.
Kyle PWell worth the money but you should remember it needs a decent motherboard to make full use of it and it is worth checking in the Bios on first boot to make sure that it is set to run at the correct speed or like I found on my ASUS board it clocks down to PC3-8500 speeds as standard.  Don't know if this is just my board or the way this memory works but worth a look.
Craig MarsdonThe big brother to CMP16GX3M4A1333C9 (16GB Dual Channel) and if you have a triple channel motherboard well worth a look.  There are similar at faster speeds now but still very few 24GB Kits.  Could only be improved if it were 3 x 8GB and not 6 x 4GB.

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  • Manufacturer: Corsair

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