Kingston KVR1066D3N7/4G 4GB PC3-8500U 1066MHz 240pin DIMM Desktop Non-ECC DDR3 Memory Full Technical Specs, Benchmarks and Reviews
[Kingston KVR1066D3N7/4G 4GB PC3-8500U 1066MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs]

We were able to test the KVR1066D3N7/4G with both an AMD and Intel CPU setup on ASUS motherboards. They are a simple plug and play setup, no software installation required and both motherboards recognised the memory in full at boot up. Their performance was as expected, a big increase on the DDR2 predecessor but nothing to write home about on a DDR3 level. There are many manufacturers making memory to this spec, most with the same reliability, so it is more a choice of which name you want on your memory now as oppossed to picking a "quality" brand. These are a simple to install, well packaged and an easy to find option, the benefit of Kingston is that if you needed to upgrade in a years time it won't be too hard to find the same Memory.
Date Added: 03/27/2012 by electrobyt
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