Apple iPhone 3G (A1241) 8GB, 16GB Mobile Phone Full Technical Specs and Reviews
[Apple iPhone 3G (A1241) 8GB, 16GB Mobile Phone Full Technical Specs]

The iPhone 3G was the first of the iPhone series we had a look at, unfortunately without its predecessor to compare it to it is hard to tell if there has been much of an improvement. Looking at the price being asked one would hope there has been a vast improvement.
As we detailed in our iPhone 3GS review the two phones look almost identical but after just an hours use it is plain to see the difference in finger prints on the screen. It is a bit of problem to clean, the natural tendency is to wipe it but this has amusing results on a touch screen and we had to try hard to control the urge.
It is however a very robust phone, fairly light and well constructed with an operating system that is very efficient. The improvements made to its successor do leave you wishing they had come sooner.
Although the Camera is only 2 Megapixels it is good quality and ahead of a lot of the competition. Overall a good offering from Apple.
Date Added: 03/26/2012 by electrobyt
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