Crucial CT6464Z265 512MB PC2100 266MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs and Benchmarks
[Crucial CT6464Z265 512MB PC2100 266MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs]


It is always best to stick to the same, so I would suggest finding more .8T2 or changing them all.
by Craig S
I have the 8T2 one in my PC and want to increase my memory, do you know if I can use the 16 ones wit
by J Carroll
i have 2gb of this and i like it, i dont think your gaming score in your benchmarks is accurate thou
by Carlton D Price
We bought a pair of this memory and used it with our original hynix stick, everything is fine no com
by Trish
I have to agree with the electrobyt review, if in doubt stick to the part numbers CT6464Z265.16TG an
by Craig S
As with the other comment electrobyt sourced this memory for us (2 x 512MB) and as usual with them e
by Tech Warehouse
I have used this memory for years and have just upgraded from 256 to 512 modules. they very good mem
by Luigi Gargiulo
I bought from electrobyt, good price and free shipping to Greece.
by Nikolaos C
I bought this 512MB used as a replacement for one that had gone faulty, it took over 5 years to deve
by Martin Hancock
If you are worried about compatability then Crucial memory is definately worth a look, to help make
by electrobyt
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