Corsair Value Select VS512MB333 512MB 2Rx8 PC2700 DDR Memory Full Technical Specs, Reviews and Benchmarks
[Corsair Value Select VS512MB333 512MB PC2700 DDR Memory Full Technical Specs]


bought 2 512 and they work good. wanted 2 1g but could not afford extra money for them
by Juan Arteconi
I like Corsair so I am a little biased but in my opinion you cannot go wrong with their memory. I ha
by Sandra Short
My son upgraded my PC with 2 of these, I don't know a lot about computers but there is a big differe
by Mrs P Bennett
A reliable memory product, as good as Kingston KVR at the same speed. Either will do for most system
by Tech Warehouse
This is the most common size of the PC2700 Value Select Range, it can be found used in good working
by electrobyt
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