AMD Radeon, FirePro and A-Series APU Performance Increases for Adobe Photoshop CC

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1st February 2014
AMD have announced that using both OpenCL and OpenGL standards it has delivered significant optimizations in graphics processing and thus increased the performance of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Smart Sharpen Filter
With the new advancements Adobe Photoshop CC is able to tap directly into the compute and graphics processing capabilities of AMD's latest technologies including their FirePro Professional Graphics, Radeon Graphics and latest A-Series APU's. This has increased performance in the Smart Sharpen Filter, the new 3D Printing Workflows and Perspective Warp functions with up to 11 times the performance of none OpenCL implementations.

AMD's Steve Belt, corporate vice president, Strategic Alliances & Platform Enablement said “Compute performance is essential to effective creative workflows. An efficient, speedy process is often the difference between successfully capturing inspiration and seeing flashes of brilliance ebb away. That is the real essence of what the AMD-Adobe collaboration achieves. Together we continually find ways to successfully tap open standards in order to deliver the highest levels of performance for the most sophisticated new tools like those unveiled today in Photoshop CC.”

This now long standing collaboration between AMD and Adobe has produced significant performance increases when using AMD devices over the last few years including.
  • Blur Gallery of effects
  • Puppet Warp
  • Liquify
Pam Clark, director of product management at Adobe commented on the latest feature advancements “We rely on OpenCL and OpenGL technologies to provide our customers superior performance and to take full advantage of all the power their hardware provides. Working with AMD, we can leverage open standards to deliver the fastest and best experience for our Photoshop customers.”

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are a Processor Design and Manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors but also supply Mobile and Server Processors. The latter being primarily for cloud computing and virtualization environments. AMD devices are used everywhere from the smallest PC to state of the art Super Computers. Their purchase of ATI in 2006 has led to AMD developing CPU's that not only do normal processing functions but also graphics processing functions within a single chip.

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