Corsair System Select CMSS512MB-266 512MB PC2100 266MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs and Benchmarks

Corsair's CMSS512MB-266 is a Single Stick of memory and is the only size in the System Select memory range. It is supplied specific to a vast number of systems including some from Alienware, Compaq, Dell, Apple and Sony. Although it is sold as system specific it has the same specifications as the Value Select Range also from Corsair.

Manufacturer : Corsair
Corsair are a computer products design and manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of mid to high end Computer Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives. They also produce Power Supplies, USB Flash Drives and CPU and Memory Cooling products, their products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warranty.

Packaging and Testing
We have only come across this memory once, from a decommissioned Dell Dimension PC, we have never been able to purchase this seperately and whenever we have been asked for it we point people to the far more common Value Select VS512MB266 module.
For all intents and purposes these two memory types are identical, and in tests we have performed, they not only benchmark the same but run error free side by side. They are always supplied in a Dual Rank format, (with most branded memory eight chips on each side almost guarantees Dual Rank), not so with a lot of unbranded, particularly 1GB.
This memory runs a standard CL2.5 at 266MHz and even clocks back to 200MHz if required, however 266MHz is its top stable speed with any attempt to increase this ending in a blank screen and a BIOS reset.

Manufacturer Corsair
Part Number CMSS512MB-266
Range System Select
Type 184 pin DDR
Capacity 512MB
Configuration Single Module
Density Low Density
Speed 266MHz, PC2100
Timings CL2.5 @ 266MHz
Buffering Unbuffered, no Address/Control Inputs or DQMB Inputs
Error Detection Non-ECC, no Address/Control Inputs or DQMB Inputs
Pin / Connector Material Gold
Voltage 2.5V
Heatsinks No
Cooling Fan No
Designed For Alienware Area-51 Aurora Athlon (DDR), Aurora Athlon XP (DDR). Apple Power Mac G4 Dual 867 (M8787LL/A). ASUS AP120-E1, DiGiMatrix, Prodigy AB-P2101,Prodigy P4BL,Prodigy P4S, Pundit AB-P 2600, Pundit-R, T2-R Deluxe, Terminator A7VT,Terminator C3,Terminator P4, Terminator P4 533 / 533A,Vintage. Biostar IDEQ 200N. Compaq Business Desktop d530 CMT,d530 SFF, Compaq Evo D310,Evo D510 CM,Evo D510 SFF, Compaq Presario s3100nx, s3200nx,s4000nx,s4020wm / s4020wm-b Dell Dimension 2350, 2400,2400C,4400, 4500, 4500S, 4550 Series. Dell OptiPlex GX260, Dell OptiPlex GX60, Dell Precision Workstation 450/450n, 650/650n. ECS Elitegroup Computer EZ Buddie D1S4-1,EZ-Buddie2 D21 S4-5, eMachines eMachines T1742,T1840, T2042, T2240, T2482, T2682, W2247. Epox EX5-300NR,EX5-300S, EX5-320S. Fujitsu SCALEO 600 Athlon XP,Pentium 4,GD, 800S (Intel 845DDR). Gateway 500L, 500S, 500SE, 500XL, E-2000. Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 304w, 533w. Microstar Int. Hermes 651 / Hermes 651-P (MS-6232VA), Hetis 865G (MS-6255),Hetis 865GV 10/100-Lite (MS-6765),Hetis 865GV-Giga (MS-6765),MBOX KM4M-L,MS-6232 (Hermes 650), MS-6243 (Hermes 845GL), MS-6252 (Metis 266), MS-9205,MS-9211. Shuttle SB61G2, SN45GV2, SN85G4V2, SN95G5, XPC ST20G5. Sony VAIO PCV-RX650, Soyo DRAGON Gaming Barebone 2, Tyan Transport GS10 (B2094T15), VPR Matrix 2020

Our Benchmarks *
Packaging 56/100
Memory Speed 73/100
Multi Tasking 74/100
Gaming 68/100
Saturation 65/100
Total 67.2/100

*Note: Benchmarks are performed on a like for like basis, for example 1GB memory is marked against other 1GB memory of the same speed. The scores should be treated as a guide only as performance can vary greatly dependant on other system components.

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