Kingston KVR333X64C25/128 128MB PC2700 333MHz Desktop DDR Memory Full Technical Specs, Benchmarks and Reviews

Kingston's PC2700 Value Range (KVR) is designed to fit all systems that accept DDR memory whether they are Intel or AMD based, brand name or self build.
They are available in four different sizes, the largest being 1GB and the smallest 128MB with 256MB and 512MB also available.
This memory as you would expect has standard specifications which is the main reason it is so compatible, and during our tests we also tried to mix and match sizes which produced no issues at all.
The only surprise for us was the lack of kits, with such a broad ranging memory we had hoped to see it in Dual Channel kit format but unfortunately this wasn't the case.

Manufacturer : Kingston
Kingston is a privately held multi national computer technology company, they are most well known for there ranges of mid to high end Computer Memory products and Flash Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives. They are currently the largest producer of DRAM with a huge 46% of the global market share, their products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer Kingston
Part Number KVR333X64C25/128
Range Kingston Value Range (KVR)
Type 184 pin DDR
Capacity 128MB
Configuration Single Module
Density Low Density
Speed 333MHz, PC2700
Timings CL2.5 @ 333MHz
Buffering Unbuffered, no Address/Control Inputs or DQMB Inputs
Error Detection Non-ECC, no Address/Control Inputs or DQMB Inputs
Pin / Connector Material Gold
Voltage 2.5V
Heatsinks No
Cooling Fan No
Designed For AMD and Intel Desktop / Tower PC's

Our Benchmarks *
Packaging 60/100
Memory Speed 65/100
Multi Tasking 66/100
Gaming 64/100
Saturation 65/100
Total 64/100

*Note: Benchmarks are performed on a like for like basis, for example 1GB memory is marked against other 1GB memory of the same speed. The scores should be treated as a guide only as performance can vary greatly dependant on other system components.

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