Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 Gaming Memory Preview

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8th August 2014
Crucial have released details of its next generation high performance gaming memory, their Ballistix Elite DDR4 range.

Key Points
  • 40 percent more power efficient than DDR3 memory
  • Introductory speeds of 2666 MT/s and 3000 MT/s
  • Almost double the bandwidth of mainstream DDR3 memory at up to 24GB/s
  • Optimized for Intel's X99 platforms
  • Support for XMP 2.0 profiles
  • Fitted with aggressively styled anodized aluminium heat spreader
  • Built on a custom designed black PCB.
  • Supported by the Ballistix Memory Overview Display (M.O.D.) utility
  • Integrated thermal sensor allows for real-time temperature monitoring
  • Available in 4GB and 8GB modules, as well as 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB kits
  • Quad Channel 32GB Kits Available in August with introductory speeds of 2133MT/s.
Jeremy Mortenson, product marketing manager, Crucial commented on the new memory. “Gamers and enthusiasts push their systems to the limit and are always looking for ways to reduce bottlenecks. With the introduction of Ballistix DDR4, the fastest memory speeds and bandwidths are now more accessible. Along with making peak performance attainable, Ballistix DDR4 also sets up gamers and enthusiasts for the next wave of performance that will only be possible with newer platforms using DDR4.”

Our Opinion
The more we hear about the new DDR4 the more impressed we are. Servers have been benefitting from this memory for a while now and with Intel announcing only eight core desktop CPU's as a maximum it would seem they will continue to benefit more than consumers. We believe this limiting of CPU cores is down to a decrease in competition in the consumer CPU marketplace which we are sure would be rectified if AMD or a new rival were to introduce significantly enhanced CPU's.

However that being said, the speeds at which some gaming memory manufacturers are planning to release their new hardware is going to make for some interesting and staggering results.

Crucial are the consumer brand name for semiconductor producer Micron Technology, they are most well known for there ranges of mid to high end Memory products, especially their Ballistix Gaming Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives. Micron are a low cost but generally reliable Memory producer whose products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warranty.

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