Intel and San José "Green Vision" Partnership

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13th June 2014
Intel Corporation have announced they are working towards a "Green Vision" initiative in a public-private partnership with the city of San José.

The Goals
The scheme which is currently a pilot aims to improve air and water quality, reduce noise pollution whilst increase transportation efficiency whist driving San José's economic growth.

25,000 news jobs
Amongst the benefits Intel hopes to bring is the addition of 25,000 clean tech jobs, although it is unclear whether this will be in addition to jobs already available or to replace existing workforce jobs.

Improving Standards
The implementation will involve installing a network of sensors to create a "sustainability lens" powered by Intel technology. It is hoped the information gathered will lead to improvements in air quality, noise, transportation efficiency, environmental sustainability, health and energy efficiency.

We have to admit being a bit sceptical about schemes such as these, as most already know, being kind to the environment and improving the economy rarely go hand in hand. And when they do it invariably leads to substantial increases in costs for those benefiting.

Commenting on the new Green Vision, San José Mayor Chuck Reed had this to say. "Our city is strongly committed to our Green Vision, which is our roadmap to becoming the clean-tech innovation centre of the world. Public-private partnerships are key to creating jobs and enhancing the quality of life for our residents. By working with Intel and using its technology and expertise, we can gather critical data, identify where we can make improvements, and make good decisions to be more efficient with our resources."

Intel are an American multinational Design and Manufacturing company founded in 1968 and are currently the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. They are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors and also Mobile and Server Processors although they also produce Solid State Drives and Motherboards for the retail sector.

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