Blackberry And EnStream LP New 3-Year Mobile Payments Agreement

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13th June 2014
Blackberry have announced a new three year agreement with EnStream LP to provide a secure payments platform that supports transaction services between banks and consumers. The new service will comply with the stringent requirements of the payment industry and will conform to Visa and MasterCard certification.

Multi $Billion Industry
Under the agreement, using Blackberry's reliable and secure infrastructure, EnStream will enable mobile operators to process sensitive payment and card information securely. The move is in response to figures released by Gartner that show an expected growth in mobile technology based payments from $35 billion (2012) to $173 Billion by 2017, a staggering 31 percent yearly increase.

Commenting on the new move, John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry said, “BlackBerry has proven through our decades of experience in enterprise mobility that we have the ideal infrastructure and security capabilities to protect users’ data when new capabilities such as mobile payments emerge. Together with EnStream and partners like them around the world, BlackBerry can better reach customers and provide a complete solution for banks with opportunities in the mobile payments space.”

Blackberry are a global leader in Wireless communication devices whose headquarters are based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by Mike Lazaridis and they are best known for their Blackberry Smartphones and the Playbook Tablet, although they also produce software for businesses including the Blackberry Operating System.

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