Dell's New ISV Certified M2800 Workstation For Under $1200

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13th March 2014
Dell have announced the upcoming release of its new ISV certified Mobile Workstation the Dell Precision M2800. The new workstation designed to offer a low cost, high performance option for engineers, designers and video editors will be available in Spring 2014 with a starting price of $1,199.

ISV certified
To maximize overall performance of CAD, digital content creation/editing software, Dell's M2800 will be ISV certified for use with applications like Autodesk and AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit, Dassault Systèmes Solidworks and PTC Creo. Using Dell Precision Performance Optimizer (DPPO), the M2800 will automatically adjust system settings to keep it optimised dependant on the applications being used.

Commenting on the impending launch, Andy Rhodes, executive director of Dell Precision workstations said, “Many designers and engineers are not realizing the full potential of their professional software because they are using a business or consumer-class PC instead of a workstation. We are filling that gap by introducing a new mobile workstation at a price that lets more professionals and students maximize their software while on the go. This is the right tool to help more people design and deliver innovations faster – no matter where they are.”

Expected Specifications
CPU Options Intel Fourth Generation
Core i5 and i7
Graphics AMD FirePro W4170M
Graphics Memory Dedicated 2GB DDR5
System Memory Up to 16GB DDR3
Hard Drive Up to 1TB
Screen Size 15.6 inches (measured diagonally)
Screen Resolution HD 1920 x 1080

FirePro Graphics
Having looked through the main specs we have to admit to being quietly impressed. We have long be an advocate of AMD's FirePro Graphics as well as Intel's CPUs, so to see the pair mixed in what is being billed as an entry level device is quite reassuring. We are looking forward to seeing how it actually rates once released.

Dell Inc, formerly Dell Computers is an American Computer Company based in Texas (USA). Dell produce Home and Business Computers, Servers, Ultrabooks and Laptops to name but a few and are one of the largest computing companies in the world today.

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