Dell Services Assess Mercy Corps IT Assets

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21st February 2014
Dell Services were selected by Mercy Corps, a leading global humanitarian agency to assess its IT infrastructure with the aim of allowing it to improve its services whilst keeping overhead costs as low as possible.

Five Weeks
The assessment which took Dell five weeks to complete, was done using Dell's proprietary IT Effectiveness Framework which separates the problem into four distinct categories, business integration, process maturity, technical architecture and human performance.

Multi Year Deal
The outcome of the assessment led Dell to recommend a multi year program that would improve the technology available to the Mercy Corps while having no impact on current IT operations.

After the assessment had been completed Beth deHamel, CFO, Mercy Corps said, “The Dell consultants held a mirror to the Mercy Corps organization, and helped us see that decisions we make about IT priorities and investment are an integral component of accomplishing our mission.”

Dell Inc, formerly Dell Computers is an American Computer Company based in Texas (USA). Dell produce Home and Business Computers, Servers, Ultrabooks and Laptops to name but a few and are one of the largest computing companies in the world today.

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