Microsoft Technology Helping Millions in Flooded UK

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21st February 2014
Over here in the UK we love to talk about the weather, it changes so often and sometimes so dramatically that discussing it is almost a national pastime. However since December, the UK, in varying places and to varying degrees has been inundated with high winds, storms and more often than not excessive levels of rain. It has bought some areas to breaking point and left millions without power for days at a time.

It's not all bad news though, where at one time we were all at the mercy of the weather and unable to reliably predict where it would and wouldn't affect, Microsoft powered website is helping to turn the tide so to speak.

Environment Agency Data
FloodAlerts collates data collected from the Environment Agency in the UK and maps the results nationally, allowing people to better predict when and where rivers will rise and flood. This in turn is enabling people to erect flood barriers or move themselves and possessions before it is too late.

Increased Visitors
Due to the deluge of bad weather it isn't just the nation that is getting swamped, FloodAlerts has seen a massive increase in traffic, a testament to its accuracy and efficiency. It has seen over 1.6 Million visitors in the last week, where it would normally see only a small fraction of this number.

Azure Cloud Technology
Even with such a massive increase in visitors the website seems to be running as efficiently as ever, all thanks to Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud technology. The Azure cloud technology is capable of being quickly and seamlessly scaled upwards to cope with extreme demands, it's just a shame the UK's waterways aren't as efficient.

Microsoft is an American Multinational Company whose headquarters are based in Redmond, Washington. They are predominantly a software company who are best known for their Windows Operating Systems, the web browser Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Office suite. They also produce the XBox range of Games Consoles.

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