Intel Launches Intel Data Platform Software Suite for Business

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17th February 2014
Intel have announced the launch of its newest business orientated software suite, the Intel Data Platform. The suite, based on open source technologies is designed to help companies improve operational efficiency by simplifying implementation of big data infrastructure, helping them to move from big data to big discoveries.

Premium Versus Free
As with most software these days there is more than one version, to help businesses choose the package that best meets their needs and their budget. Intel's top end Premium Edition benefits from enhanced automation features as well as live technical support from Intel. Additionally it comes with on going feature enhancements, proactive security fixes and alerts.

Also available will be the Enterprise Edition, a full platform suite but released as a free software product. The main drawback to this being that firms will have to implement this themselves and it will not benefit from the additional features of the Premium Edition mentioned above.

Analytics Toolkit
Also being released is Intel's new Intel Data Platform: Analytics Toolkit (Intel Data Platform AT for short.) This new software is designed to help businesses uncover valuable insights hidden within their big data. It will reduce the complexity, effort and cost associated with graph analytics and predictive modelling and thus help businesses spot relationships that they were currently unaware of.

Multiple Industries
The software is designed for use across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare and retail and will provide a foundation of common algorithms, such as graphs and network-based clustering. IT teams can use these to build on and customize to fit seamlessly with their own domains.

Commenting on the new releases Boyd Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel's Datacenter Software Division said "As big data shifts from hype to reality, Intel is helping to break down the barriers to adoption by easing complexity and creating more value. Much like an operating system for big data processing, the Intel Data Platform supports a wide variety of applications while providing improved security, reliability and peace of mind to customers using open source software."

Intel are an American multinational Design and Manufacturing company founded in 1968 and are currently the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. They are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors and also Mobile and Server Processors although they also produce Solid State Drives and Motherboards for the retail sector.

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