Nanya Technology Announce 71% YoY Revenue Increase for January 2014

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10th February 2014
Nanya have announced a monthly increase in consolidated net sales revenue from both December 2013 and a year on year increase of almost 71% from January 2013.

The figures in Taiwan New Dollars show Nanya's revenue in January 2014 to be $4,355 million a 4.45% increase on Decembers figure of $4,168,898 million. More dramatic and a sign of Nanya's recent success is the figure from January 2013 which was a paltry looking $2,551,193 million making the year on year increase a staggering 70.69 percent.

Full Details
For those of you interested in a more in depth analysis, the full figures are available on Nanya's website (Investor relations/Monthly Revenue), or alternatively the Taiwan Stock Exchange website

Nanya Technology Corporation is a technology design and manufacturing company, they were formed in 1995 and are best known for their Computer Memory products for PC's, Laptops and Servers.

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