AMD's Strategic Transformation Sees Strong Growth

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26th January 2014
AMD have announced their end of year and fourth quarter results and although the overall revenue in 2013 sees a slight 2 percent drop, they finished the year much stronger than in 2012.

Loss to Profit
In both the fourth quarter and the whole of 2012 AMD saw operating income losses of $422 Million and $1.06 Billion respectively. After AMD's strategic transformation these returned to positive figures in 2013 of $135 Million and $103 Million. A significant turn around and definitely heading in the right direction.

New Technology
In late 2013 both Microsoft and Sony released their latest Games Consoles, (Xbox One and PS4) both powered by semi-custom AMD APUs and reportedly shipped over seven million units in the first two months alone. Coupled with AMD's increasing dominance in the APU market and graphics card design the future does indeed look bright for AMD.

Talking about AMD's changes in 2013 Rory Read, AMD president and CEO said “Strong execution of our strategic transformation plan drove significant revenue growth and improved profitability in the fourth quarter. The continued ramp of our semi-custom SoCs and leadership graphics products resulted in a 38 percent revenue increase from the year ago quarter. Our focus in 2014 is to deliver revenue growth and profitability for the full year by leveraging our differentiated IP to drive success in our targeted new markets and core businesses.”

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) are a Processor Design and Manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors but also supply Mobile and Server Processors. The latter being primarily for cloud computing and virtualization environments. AMD devices are used everywhere from the smallest PC to state of the art Super Computers. Their purchase of ATI in 2006 has led to AMD developing CPU's that not only do normal processing functions but also graphics processing functions within a single chip.

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