Samsung Survey reveals Parent Worries Over Kids School Technology

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22nd January 2014
A recent survey conducted by Samsung has revealed that a large portion of parents believe the technology in their own homes is superior to that offered by schools for learning purposes.

No Confidence
The survey was conducted with over 500 parents of primary and secondary school children and showed some startling results including.

  • 56% believe IT investment should be the schools top priority
  • 97% believe technology is important
  • But 72% say their home technology is better than the schools.
  • 67% think that the shortage will result in a skills gap for students

Graham Long, Vice President of Enterprise Business Team, Samsung UK & Ireland, said: “Studies prove that technology helps children learn more effectively and is fantastic way to create a more collaborative education experience. Schools are quickly moving away from teaching being a one size fits all approach, as different pupils learn in different ways. Technology is the key to helping teachers address this challenge. At Samsung we’ve created Smart Classrooms that are interactive and collaborative learning environments, which facilitate even greater interaction between students and teachers. The Smart Classrooms use a range of education solutions that are designed to increase participation and encourage fun learning. We believe it’s up to manufacturers like us to take responsibility and work with the government and schools to ensure we are preparing our children for the future.”

Samsung is a Korean based company who specialise in the design and production of semiconductor and electronic components. They are most well known for their ranges of Mobile / Cell Phones, Consumer Electronics Audio/Video devices, Computer Memory, Flash memory and more recently SSD Drives, LED devices and Low Power solutions for the mobile industry.

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