Intel End of Year Results See Revenue Drop From 2012

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20th January 2014
Intel have announced their Fourth Quarter and their End of Year Results, reporting a slight drop in revenue from 2012 by 1%. Total Revenue was reported at $52.7 Billion with a net income of $9.6 Billion.

Although a drop of 1% revenue isn't much to be worried about, the key figures are the Operating income ($12.3 Billion) and Net Income ($9.6 Billion) which sees a drop of 16% and 13% respectively. This in turn has seen earnings per share drop 11% from $2.13 to $1.89.

The Good News
We've finished with the doom and gloom, the good news is that Intel finished the year strong and is in a much healthier position to see that decrease reversed in 2014. Compared to the 2012 Fourth Quarter Results, Intel's revenue was actually an increase of 3% from $13.5 Billion to $13.8 Billion. Similarly Operating Income ($3.5 Billion) and Net Income ($2.6 Billion) were also up compared to 2012 by 12% and 6% respectively.

Intel are an American multinational Design and Manufacturing company founded in 1968 and are currently the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. They are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors and also Mobile and Server Processors although they also produce Solid State Drives and Motherboards for the retail sector.

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