Corsair's MX RGB Project 16.8 Million Colour Keyboard

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8th January 2014
Corsair's new MX RGB Project Keyboard is currently debuting at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas.

16.8 million colours
The Keyboard has Cherry MX Mechanical keyswitches and user configurable backlighting capable of changing the colour of each individual key with a total of 16.8 million different shades available.

Gamers Choice
Keyboards will be available with three choices of keyswitches.
  • Cherry MX Red - Super Fast
  • Cherry MX Brown - Light Tactile Feedback
  • Cherry MX Blue - Tactile and Audible Feedback

The keyboard will have the feel of a mechanical keyboard but be one of the most user configurable keyboards ever released.

Corsair are a computer products design and manufacturing company, they are most well known for their ranges of mid to high end Computer Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives. They also produce Power Supplies, USB Flash Drives and CPU and Memory Cooling products, their products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warranty.

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