Intel announces Realsense 3D Full 1080p Colour Camera Coming Soon

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8th January 2014
Intel are working in collaboration with multiple other companies to try to bring more human like senses to their latest technologies. Some of the companies involved in these ventures with Intel include 3D Systems, Autodesk, DreamWorks, Metaio, Microsoft Skype and Lync, Scholastic and Tencent.

Making it Simpler
The aim is to make technology simpler and more natural to use which is something most people would ultimately like but is actually becoming more of a necessity as technology becomes more complex.

1080p 3D Camera
The Intel Realsense 3D camera is a full 1080p colour camera and is one of the first products to arrive. It will be the premier integrated 3D depth and 2D camera which will allow it to view things much like a human would. Current technology is lacking in depth perception, just cover one eye and take a walk around and you will experience the current level of sophistication.

Immersive Gaming
This new collaboration should bring us one step closer to the sort of immersive gaming seen only in Sci-Fi movies. Intel also believes that it will change much more including video conferencing, enhanced learning and edutainment through augmented reality and the ability to capture and share 3D images.

Intel plans to integrate this new camera into Intel based devices including 2-in-1's, tablets and the latest Ultrabooks and Notebooks. It expects systems from major manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and NEC to name but a few to be hitting the shelves in the third and fourth quarters of 2014.

Mooly Eden, senior vice president, general manager of the Perceptual Computing Group said "For decades, people have had to learn new languages, techniques and commands to get our devices to do what we want. Our vision with Intel RealSense technology is to reverse that, and make our devices learn and understand us. By equipping them with technologies that mimic human senses in a more genuine way, our everyday experiences such as learning, communication and gaming are transformed; and entirely new ones are possible."

Intel are an American multinational Design and Manufacturing company founded in 1968 and are currently the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. They are most well known for their ranges of Desktop PC Processors and also Mobile and Server Processors although they also produce Solid State Drives and Motherboards for the retail sector.

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