OCZ Announces New Vector 150, 100,000 IOPS Internal Solid State Hard Drive Series

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3rd January 2014
OCZ have released a new range of SATA III SSD's, adding to the success of the original Vector range is the new Vector 150.

19nm and 100,000 IOPS!
These drives utilize the latest cutting-edge 19 nanometer (nm) NAND flash technology and deliver up to 100,000 IOPS (Random Read 4k). They use OCZ's own Barefoot 3 controller which was developed in house to provide unmatched performance and enhanced endurance.

Barefoot 3 Controller
OCZ's Barefoot 3 controller features an advanced suite of flash management tools capable of analyzing and adapting to increasing NAND vulnerabilities caused by flash cell wear. It is designed to overcome the inherent limitations that all MLC NAND Flash memory devices suffer from and improve data integrity on a long term basis.

The confidence that OCZ has in the ability of these drives to last is reflected in their specifications listing the endurance at 50GB per day of host writes for 5 years.

Ultra Slim design
The Vector 150 drives are available in three sizes, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB, all are the ultra slim 7mm format that makes them compatible with all the latest ultra slim notebooks and ultrabooks. For those of you planning to use these in a desktop environment a 3.5inch adaptor is provided as standard.

The specifications for all three of these drives can be found using the links below.
120GB VTR150-25SAT3-120G (UPC: 842024034049)
240GB VTR150-25SAT3-240G (UPC: 842024034056)
480GB VTR150-25SAT3-480G (UPC: 842024034063)

Ralph Schmitt, CEO for OCZ Technology said “Our Barefoot 3 architecture continues to leverage leading-edge controller technologies to deliver our highest performing SSDs to date enabling computing users with faster file transfers and boot-ups, as well as a quicker, more responsive overall storage experience. With workstation class endurance, advanced data integrity and supported by a 5-year warranty, Vector 150 users can feel confident that their SSD will deliver ultimate performance even in the most demanding client computing environments.”

OCZ Technology Group Inc is a California based company founded in 2002. They are most well known for there ranges of mid to high end Computer Memory and more recently SSD Drives and SSD Cache Drives.

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