Sony Developing First HD Pico Projector for Smartphones And Tablets

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20th February 2014
Sony have announced that it is developing the first HD Resolution, Focus Free, Pico Projector module for use in smartphones and tablets. The battery powered unit which is capable of a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 720 and measures just 52.5mm in length, 63.0mm wide, and only 7.2mm in height will be ready for production in the near future.

Laser Technology
Sony have developed their own image processing system, that uses laser beam scanning (LBS) which has enabled them to reach such high levels of clarity and far exceed the current resolutions of Pico Projectors on the market today. The laser beam is reflected and controlled using a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) mirror to scan and project the image and can show an image of up to 120 inches from a distance of 3 metres.

Key Benefits
Key benefits of this new device are.
  • No residual image lag even for videos with rapid movements
  • Equipped with distortion correction circuit technology
  • Compact dimensions (52.5mm length x 63.0mm width x 7.2mm height)
  • Focus-free regardless of the distance or angle
  • Can project onto flat or curved surfaces
  • Reduction in laser speckle noise
Smartphone Usage
This new technology when available could end up being a milestone moment for smartphones and tablets. If like us you have watched a movie on your tablet and later re watched it on a big HD screen and ended up with that 'Oh, now I understand it, how did I miss that the first time' feeling, then a full HD Pico Projector fitted to a tablet would be a godsend.

Mobile Media Centre
With storage capacities increasing exponentially, we could soon be looking at a true mobile media centre. Of course the sound quality, or as is more common, the lack there of, will need to be addressed first.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational company whose headquarters are in Tokyo Japan. They are most well known for their entertainment devices such as Televisions, Home Cinema Systems and the PlayStation range of games consoles. They also produce small electronics including Mobile and Smartphones.

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