Apple's iTunes Radio Now Live in Australia

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18th February 2014
Apple have announced that the iTunes Radio experience is now available across Australia. The service will host over 100 stations on its free internet radio service including featured stations curated by Apple and genre focused stations that are personalised just for you.

The iTunes Radio Service learns the music you like by monitoring your downloads and the songs you play and then evolves to delivery a more personalised experience for you. The more you use it, the more attuned to your music preferences it becomes.

First Play
Also available through iTunes Radio is a whole host of new music releases, these can be anything from single song releases to previews of entire Albums, again tailored to your specific tastes. Apple claims to offer access to thousands of new songs every week including up coming releases from new bands. They also broadcast live streams from top music festivals including London's iTunes festival.

Freemium or Premium
Like most mobile orientated software releases these days you can choose to have the Freemium version which is a full featured service but is supported by adverts between your music or you can upgrade via iTunes Match for a fee of AU$34.99 inc. GST for a year. iTunes Match users get the radio service ad free for the year and benefit from having all of your music even songs you’ve imported from CDs, stored in iCloud.

Apple Inc was established on April 1 1976 in California (USA) It was originally called Apple Computer Inc but removed the "Computer" in 2007 after 30 years due to its change in focus from Computers to a more Consumer Electronics marketplace. Apple are best known for their products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as the Mac Operating System and iTunes.

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