Blackberry to Divest Real Estate Holdings in Canada

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22nd January 2014
Blackberry have announced it intends to divest the majority of its real estate holdings which cover over 3 million square feet of space in Canada.

CBRE Limited
The Sale of Blackberry's assets will be conducted by none other than CBRE Limited. CBRE are a global real estate company operating in 42 countries with 332 offices worldwide who specialise in acquiring and divesting large amounts of real estate.

Commenting on the sales, BlackBerry CEO and Executive Chair, John Chen said “BlackBerry remains committed to being headquartered in Waterloo and having a strong presence in Canada along with other global hubs. This initiative will further enhance BlackBerry’s financial flexibility, and will provide additional resources to support our operations as our business continues to evolve.”

Blackberry are a global leader in Wireless communication devices whose headquarters are based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by Mike Lazaridis and they are best known for their Blackberry Smartphones and the Playbook Tablet, although they also produce software for businesses including the Blackberry Operating System.

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