Nokia's HERE with Continental's Electronic Horizon and Automated Driving

18th January 2014
Nokia have announced that HERE its own mapping and navigation company will begin developing the most precise maps ever made to be used in Continental's Electronic Horizon platform.

Ultra Precise
The new maps, once developed, will enable any vehicle in which they are fitted to determine its position on a road to within 10 - 20 cm (3 - 8 inches). The Smart capabilities will also include lane markings, speed limits and other information that will enable vehicles to react to changes in their environment. For example changing speeds when entering or leaving a restricted zone and choosing correct lanes and best routes to get to their destination.

This collaboration that has been on going for nearly 20 years between HERE and Continental will be another step in a long journey ultimately aimed at producing Intelligent Transportation Systems. Self driving delivery vehicles and cars will be part of that goal and Continental aims to make this a reality as early as 2020.

Ralf Lenninger, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental said "With precise map data from HERE and the connected Electronic Horizon, we will achieve advancements across all areas of today's vehicle-based individual mobility. With the connected Electronic Horizon, vehicle manufacturers will be able to reduce their vehicles' CO2-footprint by at least two grams per kilometre. In addition, exact map data will make the driving experience more enjoyable and safe by providing useful information about road congestion so that drivers can predetermine alternate routes, as well as a way to adapt future LED headlight functions to the road ahead."

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish communications and Information Technology company. Their headquarters are based in Espoo, Finland. Nokia is best known for its mobile and smartphone ranges and was the world's largest supplier of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012.

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