Sony And Panasonic's 300GB - 1TB 'Archival Disc' Standard

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12th March 2014
Sony, in a joint venture with Panasonic have announced their new 'Archival Disc' standard designed for professional long term storage.

300GB to 1TB
The new standard will start with 300GB optical discs but with eventually reach a staggering size of 1TB. They will use Crosstalk cancellation technology and PRML signal processing technology to achieve the higher capacities while keeping an optimal playback signal quality. The use of optical discs is preferred due to their backward compatibility and their ability to withstand temperature and humidity variations without affecting the stored media.

Blu Ray
This collaboration seems similar to the one that Sony and Panasonic entered into when developing Blu Ray technology. Some would call that a success and others would point to the lack of take up from DVD and call it a failure. However the plan this time seems to be to promote this as a business storage medium, something which is more likely to be successful as data storage and archiving has been growing at a phenomenal rate in recent years.

Expected Specifications
Disc Size 300GB - 1TB
Optical Parameter Wavelength λ=405 nanometres, Numerical Aperture NA=0.85
Disc Configuration 3 layers per side, double sided
Track Pitch 0.225 micrometres
Data Bit Length 79.5 nanometres
Error Correction Reed-Solomon Code

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational company whose headquarters are in Tokyo Japan. They are most well known for their entertainment devices such as Televisions, Home Cinema Systems and the PlayStation range of games consoles. They also produce small electronics including Mobile and Smartphones.

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