Samsung Unveils New Smart Control Remote for Smart TV's at CES 2014

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6th January 2014
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., is unveiling its new Smart Control remote for Smart Televisions at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas. The new remote is to include faster and more accurate control, making content selection much easier. Samsung claim it will also have a "stunning new design".

Amongst the technological advancements that Samsung will be introducing are gesture-recognition, a new touch pad and a new button console which will provide users with far more accurate content selection and an extremely responsive control. It will also include Voice Interaction which will enable users to speak directly into the remote to find Web or video content quickly or to navigate to their desired content.

Flip pages like a book
When using the remote to view content that spans multiple pages the new remote's touchpad will allow the user to flip through them from page to page using a similar motion to that of turning the pages of a novel. The remote will have the standard four directional buttons that can also be used.

New Ergonomic Design
Samsung has evolved the design of the new Smart remote, changing the shape to an ergonomic oval shape that fits naturally in the hand. They have placed the touchpad which is over 80% smaller than previous models and the directional buttons in the centre to allow easy and natural use with the users thumb. Also included are short-cuts to frequently used functions.

Football Mode
The new remote has a football mode that allows a user to optimise viewing for sports programmes with just a single press of a button. We think this will be an extremely useful function and will become more prevalent as content quality of live sport events continues to evolve.

Guy Kinnell, Head of TV and AV, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said: “As Smart TVs evolve to meet the need of viewers, the remote has been slower to join suit. Leading experts agree that Samsung has set the benchmark for Smart TV and we are now committed to ensuring that the entire viewing experience is optimal. The 2014 Smart Control remote is highly intuitive and will continue to improve the performance of viewers’ Smart TVs.”

Samsung booth CES 2014
Samsung's full product line will be displayed from January 7th - 10th 2014 at booth #12004 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Samsung is a Korean based company who specialise in the design and production of semiconductor and electronic components. They are most well known for their ranges of Mobile / Cell Phones, Consumer Electronics Audio/Video devices, Computer Memory, Flash memory and more recently SSD Drives, LED devices and Low Power solutions for the mobile industry.

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