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5th March 2015 ... Kingston PC3-8500 and PC3-10600 DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

We started today where we finished off yesterday and have now added Kingston's PC3-8500 and PC3-10600 Laptop Memory ranges. These consist of a total of 115 products spread between their Value range and System Specific range.

4th March 2015 ... Kingston PC3-12800 DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

More DDR3 Laptop Memory, this time Kingston's PC3-12800 range, including their 2 HyperX Impact Black modules available at 4GB and 8GB. Also amongst the 92 part numbers are Kingston's Value Range and System Specific memory.

4th March 2015 ... Buffalo DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

We've continued with DDR3 Laptop Memory, today adding Buffalo's 96 releases. These vary in size from 1GB to 16GB (2 x 8GB Kits). They are available in three speeds, 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz.

3rd March 2015 ... ADATA DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

Additions today include all 129 part numbers in ADATA's DDR3 Laptop Memory ranges. These cover PC-3-8500, PC3-10600 and PC3-12800 speeds and include their Premier and Premier Pro ranges as well as a few ECC SODIMMs.

1st March 2015 ... Elixir DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

Elixir's Laptop DDR3 memory has been added this morning, A total of 46 new part numbers spread across three speeds, PC3-8500, PC3-10600 and PC3-12800.

27th February 2015 ... Nanya DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

Continuing with DDR3 Laptop memory we have also added Nanya's memory consisting of 62 part numbers spread across four speeds, PC3-8500, PC3-10600, PC3-12800 and PC3-14900.

27th February 2015 ... Ramaxel DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

We've been expanding the Laptop DDR3 Memory again today, this time with Ramaxels DDR3. These consist of 35 part numbers spread across three speeds, PC3-8500, PC3-10600 and PC3-12800.

26th February 2015 ... DDR2 Image Updates

Over the last few days we have been updating images in the Desktop DDR2 memory sections, bringing them in line with our Laptop memory images. Image sizes have also been increased allowing a higher level of detail when using the 'larger image' button.

23rd February 2015 ... Site Header Image update

To increase page load speed and also to give the site a more modern feel we have changed the header image removing the now dated Vengeance Memory image.

16th October 2014 ... Micron DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

We've added more Laptop/Notebook memory today, this time Micron's DDR3. These consist of 181 part numbers spread across three speeds, PC3-8500, PC3-10600 and PC3-12800.

14th October 2014 ... Elpida DDR3 Laptop Memory Added

Continuing on with Laptop/Notebook memory we have now added Elpida's DDR3. These consist of 91 part numbers spread across three speeds, PC3-8500, PC3-10600 and PC3-12800.

13th October 2014 ... Menu Changes on Memory Sections

To help with navigation we have changed the memory speed sub categories to also show the speed in MHz as well as the actually ranges, this change will not affect the web addresses of any saved pages...

13th October 2014 ... G.Skill DDR4 Value and Ripjaws 4 Memory Added

Our first DDR4 additions were completed today, a total of 31 kits from G.Skill spread across their Value and Ripjaws 4 ranges. These consist of 16GB and 32GB Kits up to a maximum speed of 3333MHz.

7th October 2014 ... Hynix DDR3 Laptop Memory Updated

Today we have finished adding Hynix's DDR3 Laptop Memory, a total of 116 new part numbers. These range in size from 512MB to 8GB and cover three speeds, PC3-10600, PC3-12800 and PC3-14900.

4th October 2014 ... Hynix PC3-8500 Laptop Memory Added

Today we have started to add Hynix's Laptop Memory starting with the PC3-8500 range, these consist of a total of 62 part numbers ranging from 512MB to 8GB in size and include their Low Voltage releases.

10th September 2014 ... Samsung DDR2 Laptop Memory Added

Continuing with Samsung's Laptop memory we have added all DDR2 200pin releases, a total of a 253 part numbers. These range from 256MB to 4GB in size and are spread across four speeds from PC2-3200 to PC2-6400. Also added today was a single DDR3 1866MHz release, M471B1G73DM0-CMA 8GB.

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